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Certified Court Transcripts


NEVER pay more for expensive and unnecessary services (computer disks, Court Reporters, call in taping, medical transcribers, etc.)

NEVER have your transcript prepared by an impersonal company that may not remember you or your work.  

NEVER pay a premium price to have a subcontractor who may NOT be CERTIFIED prepare your important transcripts.

NEVER suffer a loss of continuity with multiple tapes prepared by different outsourced typists who may NOT be CERTIFIED.

Professionally and Accurately Prepared

Trials, hearings (CPCS, Housing Court, Workers Compensation, Social Security, Union, etc), depositions, wire taps, tower tapes, phone messages, or any information you need transcribed from an audio tape at reasonable pricing.


Where you will find personal, friendly, reliable and attentive service. It's like having a personal transcriber in your own office: nights, weekends or  holidays.

You can reach your transcriber at any time and you will speak with the Certified Court Transcriber  who is actually preparing your transcript, not a contractor and not a message center.

High Tech enough for electronic typing and transcription of 4 track, 2 track or micro-cassettes. You receive bound originals and copies (if needed), as well as telephone, fax, and e-mail access to YOUR personal transcriber (AND get the most accurate, well prepared transcript without paying for the unnecessary and unwanted extras. Save money for you and your clients!  Overhead is very low, and quality is very high!

Nancie Ann Mossman
Certified Court Transcriber
895 Randolph Avenue
Milton, MA 02186

Phone: 617-696-6666
FAX: 617-696-6667

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